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 Updated January 18th, 2015 




  Welcome to PuppiesInaBox Shih Tzus! 

AKC and State Inspected and Licensed Since PIB Started

Puppiesinabox believes that I should do everything in my power to produce the best babies possible.  So to be true to that belief, we have tested every adult for JRDwhich is the disorder of Juvenile Renal Dysplasia.  We also test thyroid, eyes (Cerf done 12-09), knees, herpes, giardia and do full blood workups on each adult.  Plus, all dogs are DNA'd for true parentage through American Kennel Club which is the only registry we use!

Years ago, I decided to put up my site.  I thought long and hard about it because of the puppymill and overpopulating of poor bred puppies in the United States.  I want you  to know that I decided to breed Shih Tzus to better the breed and have a place for people looking for a Shih Tzu to be able to find a happy, healthy little puppy or dog.  I am happy to give Vet references, clients (both the ones that have been to my home and the clients who have had their puppy shipped). 

I have been breeding quality, shih tzu furbabies for over 25 years now. All adults are genetically tested for eyes, hips, knees, liver, kidney and have full blood workups done on them. Every puppy leaves my home with up-to-date shots, wormed and properly and daily socialized. All puppies are raised in my home and handled daily. They have wonderful coats, short cobby little bodies and gorgeous little heads. Most of my shih tzus are on the smaller side of the standard and once in awhile, I have tiny ones. All puppies are vet-checked thoroughly before going to their new homes.  I do offer shipping, weather permitting. Raising Shih Tzus is my passion not my business!!! References always available. State and AKC inspected and licensed. Puppies NEVER sold to a broker, puppy mill or pet shops. Full three year WRITTEN guarantee on each puppy. I do everything I can to make sure I am breeding a very healthy, well-adjusted, intelligent puppy but genetics is genetics.  That is why I offer a three-year guarantee.  I prefer to place my puppies in pet homes but will consider full AKC rights to someone looking to better the breed.  Even though I produce show quality puppies, I would much rather they be loved and treasured on your bed in your home.  I also place my girls at 5-6 years of age.  They will come to you spayed and healthy. Please contact me if you are interested in an older dog.  Please contact me to see if I am able to take back a Puppiesinabox puppy before it needs to be placed.  

Please, Please do your homework when searching for a new member of your family.  Learn the inherant diseases or problems with the breed and then ask the breeder if they test for these.  Also, get everything spelled out right from the beginning.

Deposit is One-Half of Purchase Price - Send Deposit or Payment through Paypal
- Deposits are non-refundable, so please
make sure you want a puppy.

I have spent over 20 years of my life doing everything I can to ensure you of a healthy, beautiful, and intelligent puppy that will spend it's life trying to please you.

CHeck out the Nurseries!

Shipping is available for an additional two-hundred and fifty dollars. This includes the airfare, crate and health certificate (unless VIP) or airport increases.

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