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Panda Had Puppies November 20th

Spicey and Toto Had Babies December 3rd

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These are some of Puppiesinabox past puppies!

You will see some of my puppies and their parents.

Take a look at this beautiful Black Michael - Muffins puppy.

This is a Michael puppy.


Zane Grey - First Solid Silver Born

Shows Muffins Unusual Color

Nutmeg and Red Pepper Little Girl

Carrie and Michael Female Show Puppy.

My New Haircut

Two Recent Puppies

Imperial Perfect Chocolate Michael Puppy

The Sweetest Shih Tzu I Own!

I'm So Cute!

Imperial puppies

Tiny-Type Male Silver and White

Tiny Type Female

Awesome Colors!

I could get stepped on, I am so small!

Gorgeous Heads

Madisyn Puppy

Imperial Female Puppy

Domino was born in early May out of Patches and Tigger. I just love his face.

This is a Pick of the Litter from Lucy and Tigger Roo. She will be staying with me.

This little guy lives in Colorado. He is a son of Bandit and Tigger Roo. Chocolate boy with green eyes.