Panda Had 5 Little Babies November 20th
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Panda Had Puppies November 20th

Spicey and Toto Had Babies December 3rd

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Panda has one adorable black and white female available and a gorgeous black and white male available.

Panda and Sochi had five little babydolls.  Look to be small.  2 girls and three boys.

Ms. Panda is darn near perfect. Raven is her Mom and Toto is her Dad. She has the most enduring and sparkling personality. She is short and cobby and dripping is correct coat. Level bite.

Panda was bred to a friend's silver brindle tiny male. He has very tiny lines and solid white Mom and a black and white male.

PLACED...Very, very tiny little black and white boy.


Very nice black and white female. Available $850.00

Awesome little black and white female available. $850 pet

Gorgeous black and white male. Tiny type. Available $850.00