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Panda Had Puppies November 20th

Spicey and Toto Had Babies December 3rd

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I have hand picked each one of my girls for health, personality and beauty. Here are pictures of the Mamas.

My Mommies are all raised in my home and evaluated before they are ever bred. I have to see excellent health, good loving personality and good social skills. They are genetically tested (blood panels, eyes checked by a cerf approved canine eye doctor, and knees and hips) before they are ever bred and all come from good solid lines.

Pedigrees are only as good as every dog in them.  I research my heritages completely before breeding either dog.  This is also the reason I use only AKC registered dogs.



"Nutmeg" was also bred right here at Puppiesinabox. She is only 6 lbs. and the deepest red with tan markings you will ever find. She is the daughter of Sassy and Trinket! Ch. pedigree, short and cobby, excellent bite and coat. With a personality that is just darling!

Sapphire is exquite. She has a gorgeous coat, excellent pedigree, beautiful face, old enough to breed and will produce exceptionally beautiful puppies.

"Spicey" is the deepest Irish Setter Red I have ever seen. She is tiny at 7 lbs. with a good pedigree. Beautiful headpiece, nice confirmation and awesome bite. Terrific personality.

Meet "HOLLIE". She is the funniest most adorable little girl. She will be about 7.5 lbs. and follows me everywhere. . She is a solid silver with an exceptional pedigree, short and cobby with a beautiful coat. Deciding if ToTo will be her boyfriend or Tucker.

"Raven" is to die for! She is short and cobby, level bite, excellent pedigree, and the best personality.

Miss Autumn is the sweetest and most adorable little girl. She is an unique color and is the VERY BEST MOM!

Click on the picture for my Pedigree Page.